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The Long View – Advocacy for Abortion

Keynote presented at the Children by Choice Conference

Brisbane, February 2015


In 1982 a group called Toleration that described itself as a coalition against fanaticism invited me to give a keynote speech at its inaugural conference on the theme “Your body but whose right to choose?”

Rereading it in preparation for today’s speech it seemed eerily familiar- a real sense of déjà vue, including the protesters outside. 

I feel proud that half a century of feminist activism has enhanced the status and rights of women and equally sad that abortion r…

Ian Thorpe’s reveal will give young people courage

Wendy McCarthy talks to Fiona Parker on ABC Radio Central Victoria, about Ian Thorpe’s sexuality and how it may help young people who are gender seeking or gender searching.

The Pill and I – A personal and political reflection

It was in March 1964 that I swallowed my first oral contraceptive pill thoughtfully provided by a friend. I was 22 yrs old, in love and had already survived one unplanned pregnancy. The idea that I could be in charge of my own fertility by taking a pill which provided total protection against pregnancy and was not related to the sexual moment was breathtaking.

Better still, it was medically endorsed and therefore could be assumed to be safe. After all it was the sixties and no one questioned doctors. Our trust in the medical profession was absolute and the risks seeme…