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How far have we come?

The Deal Special Issue: 30 Years of Chief Executive Women. 
Thirty years after CEW began, the long-standing members reflect on what’s really changed for women and the advice that actually matters. …

The Long View – Advocacy for Abortion

Keynote presented at the Children by Choice Conference

Brisbane, February 2015


In 1982 a group called Toleration that described itself as a coalition against fanaticism invited me to give a keynote speech at its inaugural conference on the theme “Your body but whose right to choose?”

Rereading it in preparation for today’s speech it seemed eerily familiar- a real sense of déjà vue, including the protesters outside. 

I feel proud that half a century of feminist activism has enhanced the status and rights of women and equally sad that abortion r…

Pamela Denoon Lecture by Wendy McCarthy

Past Victories: Present Challenges.  Has Feminism failed Australian women
6:30pm Tuesday 11 March,
Manning Clarke Lecture Theatre 1

Click here view the event live via Canberra Live.

Click here to read the lecture transcript….