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One2One mentoring article

We all need mentors to help us understand and navigate the unwritten software of senior executive life. As Ulysses left for Troy and asked Mentor to prepare his son telamachus to be king.

It’s hard to remember a time when I was without a mentor in my life; someone older and wiser who could give me independent advice but most of all would listen to me and help me think through the current challenge. As a student in high school and later university I always seemed to have access to wiser and more mature people who were not judgemental but enabled me to understand and ac…

Mentor/Sponsor/coach/counsellor/networker – which is it to be?

I love reading the mentor interview in the McCarthy Mentoring newsletter. There is always a new idea or different nuance about the mentoring experience and it always informs my own mentoring practice. So often I am reminded of how to be a better mentor.
I read Liz Cacciotolo’s comments with interest as she reflects on the relative values of sponsors and mentors. In my own career people I often describe as mentors were really sponsors in that they paraphrased the culture, identified opportunities and encouraged me to take risks across the professional silos. I remain ete…