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From a one-teacher school…

My father fought in the Second World War. He went into the army and when he came home he got a soldier settlement block in quite a remote part of NSW out of Forbes.

I went to a one-teacher primary school of 25 or 26 kids. My family talked a lot, they were sociable and they had books. I was a voracious reader from the age of seven. Mostly I read and listened to ABC radio.

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Ethical Leadership, Women and Influence

At an event last week at the St James Ethics Centre, entitled Ethical Leadership, Women and Influence, a crowd of predominantly executive women from a range of industries listened intently while Geraldine Doogue engaged company directors and diversity advocates Wendy McCarthy and Sam Mostyn in a discussion that seemed to find its way quickly to the subject of gender quotas.


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Are we overlooking anything valuable in the budget?

Wendy McCarthy discusses this and other issues with Peter Switzer on Sky News: Business, Thursday 22 May 2014.


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