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The Big Debate: Paid Parental Leave

Wendy McCarthy contributes to the debate over the Paid Parental Leave scheme, interviewing with Pippa Gardner from Channel 7.   Click here to watch the interview….

Paid Parental Leave won’t get women back to work

Wendy McCarthy says five and a half billion dollars a year for the paid parental leave scheme will do nothing to get mothers back to work and the money should be put toward improving childcare.

Ahead of the Federal Budget, she discusses this and other issues with Emma Alberici on the ABCs Lateline, Tuesday 29 April 2014.

Click here to watch the interview and read the transcript….

Work life balance – Is it a myth?

At 16 in my first year of university a lecture on sex and relationships was announced and almost the entire student body turned up .Strange in retrospect as the speaker was an Anglican bishop and possibly only an armchair expert on such matters.

I cannot remember what he said about sex and relationships but I do remember that he spoke of life being a balancing act. I understood this implicitly but when he suggested that we be explicit about this I was intrigued.

His suggestion was to think of every day as a unit of challenge so for every 24 hours the aim should be to …