Speeches and Radio written by Wendy McCarthy AO

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  • Leading by example

    Interview with Richard Aedy, ABC Radio National, 21 April 2011

    With talk about imposing quotas to ensure that women are fairly represented on boards, and about women being able to engage in full combat in the defence force, Wendy McCarthy, a successful businesswoman who was part of the feminist movement in the 1970s, says, it is ‘rather like shopping for clothes and all you see are things you have worn before….

  • Mentoring

    Interview with Richard Aedy, ABC Radio National, 13 August 2008

    How are you feeling about your career? Are you wondering whether to take the plunge and move on? Or perhaps you’re considering moving into management?
    According to businesswoman Wendy McCarthy you could probably do with a mentor to provide a sounding board and keep you on track.
    But looking for such guidance from within your workplace or organisa…

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  • 50:50 by 2020. Make it happen

    Wendy McCarthy speaks at TedxTelstra Melbourne 2015 on 50:50 leadership….

  • Past Victories & Present Challenges: Has Feminism failed Australian women?

    Distinguished guests all

    I begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people and paying my respects to elders past and present.

    I would also like to acknowledge both the organisers and women who have presented the Pamela Denoon lecture over 25 years.

    It is a singular achievement and how proud she would be. I realise I follow in big footsteps and…

  • IQ2OZ Live Debate, September 2010

    Argument Againts - Feminism Has Failed

    I want to say to you today that feminism has been one of the powerful social movements of the last 40 years. As a working grandmother, I am glad I have got that title and I can see enormous changes during that time … read the transcript   Watch the debate on video 


  • QUT Business Leaders’ Forum, November 2007

    Opening Speech

    Plan was always about children and the idea of building a personal relationship between refugee/child and a sponsor. The idea has survived 70 years and our research tells us it is still meaningful, valied and effective …read the transcript 

  • Ricky Farley Lectures, November 2006

    Women and Leadership in Rural Australia’s Future

    It’s with pleasure and sadness that I stand with you tonight as one of the people invited to present a Rick Farley Memorial Lecture: pleasure and pride at being invited to honour him and sadness that Australia lost a great citizen so early in his life … read the transcript 


  • APESMA Promoting Professional Women Conference, April 2005

    Why Mentoring Matters

    When I first read Charles Handy describe the eclectic portfolio I wanted to beam and cry and proclaim loudly that at last my career had a name and respectability. What I had been doing instinctively was now a desirable self development objective … read the transcript 

  • Sir Walter Murdoch Lecture, 2004

    A Passionate Journey

    As I am most comfortable speaking of personal and political experience and passion I have chosen to speak tonight of my journey from grass roots activism to international governance … read the transcript