Don’t Fence Me In

2000, Random House Australia

Wendy’s autobiography provides a unique insight into the past few decades of Australian life via the various aspects of her story. It’s a journey that takes her from 1950s country schoolgirl to campaigner for abortion and contraception, from ‘colonial’ teacher to deputy chair of the ABC at one of the most turbulent times in the broadcaster’s history. In this candid memoir Wendy is equally revealing about the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing in major boardrooms as about her early backyard abortion.

this book reaches across the interest spectrum, from women keen for the insights of one of the major forces of the women’s movement in Australia, covering her important work with WEL, FPA and beyond, to corporate consumers interested in her insider’s views of the Australian Bicentennial Authority and the board of the Star City Casino, and the development of her ‘portfolio career’.


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