Teaching About Sex; The Australian Experience

1983, George Allen & Unwin Australia

Written with the Australian Federation of Family Planning Associations.

This book provides the basis for teaching about sex. The contributors are all experienced teachers who believe that it is not too much sexual knowledge but too little accurate knowledge which may damage the intimate relationships of many people. Sex education is here to stay: no child or adolescent who watches TV, who reads magazines, who goes to the cinema or who talks with other young people can avoid learning about sex. But the information obtained in these ways is often inaccurate and sometimes destructive to a person’s sexuality. The remedy is to find out what adolescents want to know about sex and teach them in a sensitive, non-judgemental way.

“At last a well-written, sensitive book about sex education. It should be read by all parents and all teachers.”
Derek Llewellyn-Jones, author of Everywoman


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